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The Berettyó Television was founded in 2004, according to the decision of the representative body of the Municipality of Berettyóújfalu, in the institutional framework of the Nadányi Zoltán Cultural Center. The Berettyó Television is the newest organ of the local public, with the aim of informing the people about the most important events, reporting and reporting about the events taking place here. Our programs can be watched on our website on the two cable networks of the city and of course according to the age.


The programs of the television appeared in the first years on two days, Tuesdays and Thursdays, and the new edited program was made every two weeks. There is a teletext between broadcasts, some of the pages and ads that are partly localized are read 24 hours a day. Later it was broadcasted by a broadcast control program so we can see our programs at different times every day of the week.


Berettyó Television's newsmagazine is about 100-120 minutes, ranging from a wide range of topics to reports, reports, reports. According to our editorial concept, Berettyóújfalu events, the events taking place here are the most important ones, and we are reporting about them. Our themes are diverse: city events, festivals, cultural programs, exhibitions, concerts, lectures, symposiums. We also attach importance to the programs of local government representatives on board meetings, from which viewers can be informed of the decisions and their significance and background. In keeping with public service, we also report current news and information on local sports and local economy issues.


Berettyó Television has been operating in several locations and institutional forms over the past nine years. When it was founded he worked as a part of the Zoltán Nadányi Cultural Center, and later it was organized by Herpály-Team Kft, which is the 100% owned city management company. From 2011, Nova Villa 2010 Nonprofit Ltd., which is also a 100% owned by the local government, has been involved in media service and production. From April 7, 2016, the Berettyó Cultural Center, founded by the city, operates the Zoltán Nadányi Cultural Center, Makk Kálmán Mozi, the Tourinform Office in the city center, the István Sinka Town Library and the Bihari Museum. In addition to the Berettyó Television, the Media Group, led by the Berettyó Cultural Center, has been publishing its public newspaper for 23 years,www.berettyotv.hu also operates a news portal. The Media Group has a complex and uniform role in the public life of the city on written, electronic, and on-line media. Members of the Media Group: Györgyi Sárdi-Kopányi editor / reporter, Attila Kocsis and István Molnár cinematographers, Kun Ábrahám and Mátyás Szentannay technicians. The leader of the group is Kogyilla Zsolt.


Berettyó Television has been working in the editorial office for nine years now, although it can be said that an enthusiastic but small team worked to make the programs. The devotion is typical of all our staff, as it typically involves two or three workflows typical of local media, ranging from on-the-spot shooting to cutting and editing the finished program.


Our deliveries are available in the base packages of local cable operators (Invitel, UPC). New program will be shown on weekdays from 6 pm on Tuesdays, which will be repeated on Thursday from 10:00 to 18:00, Wednesday and Friday from 20:00, and Saturday from 14:00 to Sunday 10:00. From our website (www.berettyotv.hu) we can access the Berettyó Television's own digital channel, which is regularly and actively used to send news to people living here. Internet users on the mobile or tablet can browse the news, photo galleries and videos on www.mobil.berettyotv.hu.




Contact us:

Berettyó Cultural Center - Media Group

4100 Berettyóújfalu, Bajcsy-Zs. u. 27th



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